AI Tools

ChatGPT is insane.

Did you know over 4500+ AI Tools have been launched in 2024?

Here are 7 AI tools that will save you time:

1. Hypotenuse AI

A copywriting tool that creates fresh original content in minutes.

Beat writer’s block by providing a few keywords and let the AI do the rest.

2. Andisearch

A generative AI-powered search engine designed to provide direct answers instead of just links.

Andi gives answers like your smartest friend would and is a great way to improve and speed up your search processes.

3. Playground AI

Create art logos and video posters for FREE with this AI image creator.

Easily adjust images for your creative needs with a specific focus on designers and social media managers.


Launch a startup in seconds with AI and get your business ideas reviewed and validated.

Mixo is used by over 150k creators worldwide and just needs a brief summary of your idea and will generate your entire website content in just seconds.

5. Gen-2 by Runway

An actual text-to-video model that allows you to realistically and consistently synthesize new videos.

It’s like filming something new without filming anything at all.

6. Rewind AI

What if you had a perfect memory?

A MacOS app that acts like a search engine for your life and records anything you’ve seen, said or heard.

All recordings are stored locally on your Mac.

7. Taskade

Build a second brain for your team with the tool that replaces CRM tools like Trello and Asana.

Get shareable links to make it easy to send projects for review, invite others into your workspace, or hop on a real-time chat and video call with stakeholders anywhere.

What’s a new AI tool you like? Comment below.
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